Arkham Token (ARKM) Price Explodes!

Against all expectations, the Arkham token (ARKM) is experiencing phenomenal growth. The origin of this success: a successful launch on the Binance crypto trading platform. We give you more details in the following sections!

Updated on 19/07/2023 at 00:33

arkm token price

Arkham Token (ARKM) Price Increase: Thanks Binance!

Project Arkham has been available on Binance since July 10th. A subject of debate within the crypto community, it is currently meeting with the most dazzling success.

More specifically, we refer to successful launch of Arkham Token (ARKM) on Binance’s crypto trading platform. The public sale generated massive turnout: 114,454 participants pledged over $2.4 billion in BNB. This corresponds to an oversubscription of 990 times. This enthusiastic response demonstrates the unprecedented interest in Project Arkham and its on-chain analysis protocol.

That’s not all! The value of the Arkham token (ARKM) has also increased significantly. The statistics show thata 14-fold increase, from $0.05 to $0.70. At the time of writing, this cryptocurrency is trading at 1,300% more than its original value.

A crucial step for the Arkham project

As the largest exchange in the world, Binance provides ARKM with a leading trading platform to attract investors. Since the registration on Binance knows the price of the ARKM token an impressive increase of 1,443.6%.

Specifically, the listing on Binance has significantly expanded the visibility of the ARKM token and the Arkham project. It caught the attention of a global user base and active traders.

The increased liquidity offered by Binance also helped to strengthen demand and thus stimulate higher prices. Through this approach, Arkham even manages to position itself in the global crypto market.

A revolutionary solution, says the managing director of Arkham

Despite criticism of his bounty program, Miguel Morel defends his company’s position. “Publicly available blockchains are not suitable for storing private information due to their transparent nature. The desire for total anonymity in the cryptocurrency universe is often misunderstood”he said during a recent interview with CoinDesk.

Arkham is thus positioned as a solution allows “de-anonymize blockchain” safe. Through this crypto project, users will have access to reliable and verifiable transaction information.

The benefits of the Arkham Intelligence project in a nutshell

Certainly, the launch of the Arkham token (ARKM) on Binance has greatly increased its value. But its interest is also based on the many benefits it provides.

For example, the ARKM token gives investors access to an innovative on-chain analytics platform. In the case marketplace for traders and hedge funds, Arkham provides really valuable insight into crypto transactions. In particular, it allows users to find out who is buying and selling large positions of tokens. This increased transparency in the crypto ecosystem is attracting significant interest.

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