The future trend of crypto trading?

token bot telegram

Telegram bot tokens are booming, reaching almost $100 million in market cap. Telegram’s user-friendly platform and innovative applications have spurred this growth, attracting traders and investors. Updated on 22/07/2023 at 14:44 Telegram Bot tokens: an innovation in crypto trading THAT Telegram Bot Tokens Is there latest trend in the crypto market, where prices rise sharply. … Read more

How are centralized exchanges gateways to DeFi

En quoi les exchanges centralisés sont-ils les passerelles vers la DeFi

The world of Challenge (decentralized economy) may seem obscure for crypto newbies. Some observers claim that centralized exchangesintuitive and easier to access, could constitute a gateway to DeFI. Ease of use and wide range of products available on centralized exchanges make them gateways to DeFi Centralized exchanges are generally easier to use for beginners, especially … Read more

Market: The big generation gap on sustainable investments in France

Market: The big generation gap on sustainable investments in France

(BFM Bourse) – The French are showing increasing interest in sustainable investments. Especially those under 35 who are most likely to find these products interesting. They represent half of investors who have subscribed to sustainable funds since 2022, according to the latest AMF survey The younger generations are more and more inclined to green their … Read more

Market: China, Japan, Thailand… Which Asian stock markets are performing best this year?

Market: China, Japan, Thailand... Which Asian stock markets are performing best this year?

(BFM Bourse) – Overall, Asian indices have suffered since the start of the year in China and emerging countries, in contrast to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Blame it on a flawed economy in the world’s second largest economy, which indirectly weakens several other countries. These are markets that are sometimes ignored by investors when … Read more

Trade-to-earn, an innovative way to earn cryptos

C’est quoi le trade-to-earn ? Découvrez une façon innovante de gagner des cryptos

The rise of cryptocurrency has created new opportunities for investors and technology enthusiasts. It has become possible to create passive income in many ways. Among these are trade to earn which allows you to earn cryptocurrencies by leveraging a different approach to traditional trading. This model is even integrated into many promising projects like Chimpzee. … Read more

Understand trading in emerging markets

equity trader

What is a stock trader? ONE Stock traderOr stock traderis a trading professional who buy and sell (trade) of actions on behalf of his company or his customers. Their main purpose is to make a profit by exploiting share price fluctuations. Focus on what equity is Equity, also known as equity capital Or equity capitalindicates … Read more

Before market opening (21.07.2023)

Economic calendar: Holiday in the US before a busy week

Indices in the Asia-Pacific region were mostly down in Friday’s trading session. Japan’s Nikkei lost nearly 0.52%, Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 fell 0.20% and Chinese futures rose 0.2%. Asian markets showed volatility on Friday amid lackluster results from US technology companies and strong signs in the labor market that could lead to another rate … Read more