B2Prime and cTrader expand trading opportunities with new partnership

B2Prime, a leading global multi-asset, multi-market Prime of Prime liquidity provider, and Spotware, a leading innovative trading platform provider, have announced a strategic partnership agreement.

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B2Prime, a Prime of Prime multi-asset liquidity provider, and cTrader, Spotware's flagship trading platform, have established a strategic partnership to expand trading opportunities.  (Graphic: Business Wire)

B2Prime, a Prime of Prime multi-asset liquidity provider, and cTrader, Spotware’s flagship trading platform, have established a strategic partnership to expand trading opportunities. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Spotware’s cTrader platform is known for its cutting-edge features that meet the needs of professional traders:

A simple and amazing user interface → Comprehensive and visually appealing user interface that can benefit from in-depth customization.

Latency-free multi-asset trading → A wide range of asset classes supported, plus lightning-fast order entry and execution.

Depth of (DoM) → Tier II pricing allows operators to gauge market confidence and anticipate potential price fluctuations with greater accuracy.

Absolute availability → cTrader offers cross-platform accessibility with its desktop, Mac, web and mobile (iOS and Android) applications.

Advanced risk management → cTrader users have sophisticated protection tools to trade with confidence.

Algorithmic trading solutions → Ready-to-use ecosystem for algorithmic trading using cBots, indicators and plugins.

Social trading platform → cTrader Copy is an integrated platform where strategy providers and investors meet.

Nicholas Chrysochos, CEO of B2Prime, reports:

“Many hedge funds, money managers, professional traders, algorithmic traders, systematic traders and high net worth individuals have shown great interest in accessing our large liquidity pool. In response to this growing demand, we have chosen the cTrader platform, which gives these clients access for our personal liquidity products in several jurisdictions.We have received CySEC approval which allows us to serve the entire EU market and we also have licenses to operate in Mauritius and Seychelles.This strategic growth is part of our commitment to to help our customers achieve excellence in competitive global markets.”

B2Prime currently has several exceptional platforms, namely OneZero, PrimeXM and now cTrader, as well as FIX API connectivity.

Ilia Iarovitzyn, CEO of Spotware Systems, reports:

“We are very excited to continue to develop our liquidity supply network, expand our asset offering and improve the reliability of our trading environment. The partnership with B2Prime helps deliver competitive pricing and an exceptional trading experience to our end users. With our cutting-edge technology and B2Prime’s strategic growth, we are confident that we can drive innovation and success for our customers on a global scale.”

The collaboration between B2Prime and Spotware expands B2Prime’s range of services and significantly improves cTrader’s liquidity offering, which becomes even more competitive. With a portfolio of over 200 instruments across six asset classes – FOREX, Crypto CFDs, Spot Indices, Precious Metals, Commodities and NDFs – B2Prime offers one of the most comprehensive liquidity solutions on the market.

The company guarantees access to the deepest liquidity pools from the most reputable providers, ensuring competitive spreads and fast execution. In addition, B2Prime offers multi-currency prime margin accounts and an institutional tiered margin approach.

Spotware is a global technology provider that has delivered cutting-edge fintech solutions and infrastructure for over 14 years. The company has developed a sophisticated network of more than 240 brokers and prop firms. With a user base of over 4 million traders, cTrader, Spotware’s flagship platform, stands out with exceptional innovation and a user-friendly user interface that sets new standards in the industry.

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