banking giant BBVA chooses Metaco to deposit and trade cryptocurrencies

This week, institutional cryptocurrency specialist Metaco signed a new partnership with a world-class bank: the Swiss subsidiary of BBVA. What will this collaboration consist of?

Metaco signs a partnership with BBVA Suisse bank

This week, the Swiss branch of the global bank Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) revealed the signing of a partnership with Metacothe specialist in storing digital assets for institutions.

For a brief context, BBVA Suisse launched cryptocurrency trading about 3 years ago now, initially with Bitcoin (BTC) before adding Ethereum ETH to its catalog in late 2021. Through this collaboration, the bank wants to switch provider for cryptocurrency custody and trading services which it offers its customers.

It is therefore Metaco’s Harmonize platform, which will fulfill this new rolefor which BBVA praised 3 qualities:

  • Operational agility;
  • Security;
  • The multichain aspect.

In addition, this also paves the way for the bank for future products such as tokenization of real-world assets (RWA)of which it is also one of the specialties of the Swiss company, as evidenced by its recent partnership with HSBC.

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Adrien Treccani, CEO and founder of Metaco, returned to this partnership, which is really a continuation of a collaboration that has been going on for some time now:

“Metaco and BBVA Switzerland have a long-standing partnership and we are proud to take our partnership to new heights, enabling award-winning digital asset trading offerings that meet the unique requirements of individuals and institutions.”

Alyra, training to integrate the blockchain ecosystem

While Banking activities are gaining momentum in the crypto ecosystemespecially through RWA tokenization, Metaco, now owned by Ripple (XRP), is becoming more and more talked about.

The company now occupies a prime position in terms of bridging the gap between traditional finance and blockchain technologies.

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Source: BBVA

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