Besancon. Loiseau wants to open a restaurant on the Place de la Révolution

Empty for almost two years, a free and very popular space in the Place de la Révolution in Besançon will soon house a new occupant, unless unforeseen. And not just any.

The Loiseau house, named after the famous starred establishment located in Saulieu (Côte-d’Or), is, it seems, on the right track to acquire this set located on the ground floor of approximately 250 m². An empty space currently, which will have to be completely fitted out, including the kitchen.

With this very probable arrival, it is a big name in French gastronomy that takes place in Besançon, as Jean-Louis Fousseret hoped during the sale of the former conservatory on Place la Révolution.

A fourth Loiseau

Loiseau is first and foremost the gourmet restaurant in Saulieu, “Le Relais Bernard Loiseau”, formerly “La Côte d’Or”, created in 1932 by chef Alexandre Dumaine. Bernard Loiseau, who died in 2003, will confirm the glory of the place when the restaurant displayed three Michelin stars. It now has two stars. The company is now run by Bernard Loiseau’s widow, Dominique, in close collaboration with her three children.

In addition to the establishment in Saulieu, Loiseau has opened two other restaurants, “L’oiseau des vignes” in Beaune in 2007 and “Loiseau des Ducs” in Dijon in 2013, the latter having won a star. The company, listed on the stock exchange, announces a turnover of €6,251,000 for the 2021 financial year. It has also developed in delicatessen or consulting.

“We are interested in Franche-Comté”

With the planned opening of Besançon, Loiseau would open his first restaurant outside of his native Burgundy. Substantial works are to be planned before an opening expected for the first half of 2023, with a number of jobs which remains to be specified.

Seller of the walls, the SMCI did not wish to confirm this prestigious transaction. Maison Loiseau also remains discreet about the progress of the project. “We are interested in Franche-Comté, which is very dynamic and complementary in terms of terroir”, soberly comments Bérangère Loiseau, contacted this Tuesday by The Republican East.

Besançon, which is one of the few towns with more than 100,000 inhabitants in France to have no starred restaurant, could finally win a macaron through this installation. It remains to find a name: “Loiseau de la Boucle”?

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