Binance will cost its customers a lot of money!

In recent days, it has been the unexpected return of certain crypto sectors to the fore. As Ordinals break new records, mining is given new life through a familiar project. Meanwhile, Twitter sees its presence in France threatened, ChatGPT sets a trap for one of its users, Bitcoin’s bull run is confirmed, and Binance prepares to launch a new trading system.

Twitter soon banned in France?

Twitter management recently decided to withdraw from the European code aimed at combating misinformation. The French government, which has recently started cleaning up the local internet, is therefore proposing to crack down on what it considers infringement.

Before that, two ultimatums are on the agenda. If these could be effective and force Twitter’s management to reconsider its position, the crypto sector could be one of the first to be hit by security breaches.

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ChatGPT surprises one of its users

According to a report published by CNN, a New York attorney used ChatGPT to prepare his client’s defense brief… and he took it very badly!

During the court hearing when he presented the said case, nothing actually happened as planned and the case raises questions about the intentions of the famous chatbot…

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Ordinals break new records

The weather has never been good for the project! According to data from Dune Analytics, more than ten million Ordinals are registered on the Bitcoin network.

Only between May 7 and May 8 daily Ordinals signups peaked at 400,000, leading to a significant increase in transaction fees and congestion in the Bitcoin network mempool. However, the phenomenon is not to please everyone.

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Tether enters cryptomining

This is the big surprise of the week: despite the sector’s fragile profitability, Tether wants to get involved in Bitcoin miningespecially by investing in mining in Uruguay and by connecting local partnerships.

Source: Tether’s Twitter account

But that’s not all, as this initiative is onlyone of the many facets of a program entirely dedicated to Bitcoin and which could give a new face to both Tether and the first cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin to $2,200,000 very soon?

Expert TagadoBTC predicts a bullish period for Bitcoin in the coming years. According to him, Bitcoin reportedly bottomed out when it fell to around $15,663 and could reach $220,000 by 2025. However, he points out that this prospect is only achievable if the price of BTC manages to reach $42,500.

Is this perspective really achievable? Some signs show that we will have to be patient, but that the price of BTC has some surprises in store for us.

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Binance Launches New Crypto Services

According to a report published by Bloomberg, Binance is reportedly considering diversifying its trading options. Among the new services being prepared, some traders will be invited to carry out their trading activities on the platform while blocking funds with a bank. These would then serve as collateral and the trade would operate through a stablecoin lending system.

But that’s not all: another new opportunity coming soon could be of great use to NFT holders.

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Moral of the story: the lamest crypto sectors can win the race!


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