Bitget celebrates Messi’s birthday with a mural of him

Victoria, Seychelles, 23 June 2023 – Bitget, the largest crypto derivatives and copy trading platform in the world, will honor the birthday of its official partner and soccer legend Lionel Messi on June 24 in an artistic and unique way. As a thank you, Bitget erected a huge piece of urban art with portraits of Messi in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This special giveaway is a testament to the platform’s exclusive partnership with Messi, which aims to promote mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.

Bitget and Messi embody common qualities such as persistence, continuous improvement and resilience in the face of challenges. Bitget’s unwavering commitment to progress is demonstrated by its constant efforts in product development and service improvement. Similarly, Messi’s exceptional talent is the result of hard work and practice, which speaks to his relentless pursuit of excellence. Both show unwavering determination and positivity despite the setbacks and skepticism they may face. These combined efforts have resulted in remarkable achievements, such as Messi leading Argentina to a World Cup title, and Bitget reaching a prominent position as a top 5 crypto derivatives exchange in the world.

“We greatly admire Messi for his talent and dedication,” said Bitget CEO Gracy Chen. “It is an honor to work with such inspiring partners as him to achieve our shared goal of inspiring people to explore Web3. By partnering with respected leaders and brands, we aim to spread the word about Web3 to more people and to promote decentralized financing opportunities globally. Together with Messi, we want to inspire and empower through this transformative new technology.”

Gracy Chen added: “Bitget believes that partnerships with reputable and talented individuals or groups can help propel cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. We are humbled to have someone of Messi’s caliber among us. This monumental work expresses our gratitude to Messi’s support in helping newcomers discover the potential of cryptocurrencies.”

In fact, this wall in his image is a way for Bitget to thank Messi for his partnership and to wish him a happy birthday by celebrating him in an artistic and symbolic way in his hometown. This creation will also be displayed in the Brave web browser. Bitget looks forward to continuing to work with Messi to bring Web3 to the world.

As part of its long-standing partnership with the soccer star, Bitget has launched the “Make an Impression” program with a $20 million investment aimed at helping improve market and consumer sentiment during this difficult time for the cryptocurrency industry.

About Bitget

Established in 2018, Bitget is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges whose flagship features are Futures trading and copy trading services. Serving over 8 million users in over 100 countries and regions, the platform is committed to helping users trade smarter by providing them with a versatile and secure trading solution. It also inspires the general public to embrace cryptocurrency through collaborations with reputable partners including legendary Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi, legendary Juventus Turin and official eSports organizer PGL.

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