Boas found a few days apart in Wapi: “It is very likely that they come from the same breeding”

The past week has undoubtedly been marked by some astonishing discoveries. It was first in Rebaix (Ath), that a municipal worker discovered a snake more than 2 meters long while mowing the edge of the roads. This weekend, just a few kilometers from Rebaix and more precisely, within the municipality of Frasnes-lez-Anvaing, the Wallonia Picardy rescue zone was called by a motorist who had seen a snake at the level of the intersection between the chaussée de Ronse (N60) and the chemin d’Ellignies. An hour was needed to capture the boa before being taken care of by a specialist in the region.

Two same types of snakes were therefore found in the space of a few days in the Pays Vert region. Is there a coincidence or a concordance between these two reptiles? Rudy Fourmy, specialist in the exploitation of poisonous animals in Montroeul-au-Bois, disclosed his assumptions. For him, it is very likely that these two snakes come from the same breeding and escaped without the knowledge of the owner. “Unfortunately, I fear very much that it will be found or that it will manifest itself. A regrettable situation. It would be surprising if a person could abandon such an animal given their price. Today, there are many associations, specialized stores in reptiles. Finding a buyer is therefore not complicated”.

Having not seen the body of the boa found in Rebaix, Rudy Fourmy, on the basis of the photos, can however declare that the two specimens have the same size or still the same color. “Unfortunately, we don’t know how long these snakes have been at large. One question remains, why find them now every few days apart. It remains a mystery. In any case, I hope not to find any. others in the region otherwise the situation would become problematic”.

This specialist is from time to time confronted with this type of situation. “However, it remains rare to find snakes of such a size. Only, it will not be uncommon to be more confronted with this kind of event since reptiles are more and more coveted”, concludes Rudy Fourmy.

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