Born without a front leg, this rescued kitten is having a lot of fun with his sister!

They were three kittens, and their mother unfortunately abandoned them. When a Californian found them in her garden, she rushed to drive them to the shelter Wrenn Rescues. Very young, and in cold temperatures, the little ones would not have survived on their own.

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The shelter provided the kittens with all the care that newborns need

The kittens, which have been named waffle, pancakes and Toast (Waffle, Crepe and Toast in French), were placed in an incubator upon arrival. This kept their body temperature at a constant level. They had very regular feedings, as felines need at this age. Despite all the good care given, pancakes did not survive. Waffle and Toast, on the other hand, gained weight and regained their health. Nevertheless, waffle was different from the others.

Waffle was born without a foreleg

waffle was born with an anomaly. One of his front legs was missing.

Despite this difference, the kitten has always been full of energy. And “it never slowed him down”, testifies Erinvolunteer of Wrenn Rescues. On the contrary, waffle was very resourceful, as related LoveMeow. He was running, playing, fighting with other kittens. “He was working hard to get his belly off the ground on just three legs.

Waffle and Toast have forged a very strong bond

The two surviving kittens of the litter have grown very close. They often snuggled together, when they weren’t bickering about having the feed first.

Erin explain that “Toast was more outgoing and had a lot of spunk, and Waffle was the kind of kitten who watched and watched. They were the ideal yin and yang”.

After they grew up enough, the brother and sister were offered for adoption. They were happy to be welcomed by the same family, and will be able to have fun together for a long time!

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