BOURGOGNE: The dog had sniffed out… 52.6 kilos of cannabis herb

Communicated :
After a seizure of 213 kg on June 17, customs officers from the Dijon interior surveillance brigade have just made a new seizure of herbal cannabis.
Thursday, June 30, the customs brigade of Dijon, in control on the A31, selects at the level of the area of ​​Gevrey-Chambertin a Spanish truck. The driver, of Spanish nationality, presents transport documents for 10 pallets of wine between Spain and Germany.
The dog handler team intervenes on the truck: the anti-narcotics dog then strongly marks the trailer from the outside several times.

The customs officers therefore decided to check the entire load and noticed, in a space located between several pallets, 4 bags placed on the ground. Their opening reveals 10 heat-sealed sachets containing a total of 52.6 kg of herbal cannabis, for an estimated value of €526,000.
Evoked in public hearing on July 4 at the Dijon court, the case was adjourned to July 22, 2022.

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