Burger King and Free sinter on Twitter, a hit of com on point like a Whooper

The years go by and Burger King continues to prove that it is the most adept fast-food franchise on communication. Her publicity stunts never cease to amaze, despite the behemoths who oppose her. McDonald’s and KFC are struggling to match it, its latest publicity stunt reinforces this idea.

a com stunt as good as a whooper

This Wednesday, July 5, while France was sunny from north to south, Burger King France’s Twitter account announced that its new burger, the Master Chicken was now available. A godsend for fast-food enthusiasts who can thus discover the latest novelty. However, this announcement was the start of a new publicity stunt from Burger King. Indeed, in the shared image, it could read: “He’s fried, he’s got it all figured out“.

Are the refs okay?

Don’t want to pull out a Fritbox while you’re at it?

July 6, 2022

If you really are capable of anything, offer your Master Chicken with the code #FRITBOX

July 6, 2022

An obvious reference to the Free slogan, which the ISP’s Twitter account did not fail to comment on the following day. Then followed an exchange of a few tweets to make your zygomatics quiver, concluded by a challenge from Free, that of donating the Master Chicken with the code #FRITBOX.

Ok it’s going.
A Master Chicken offered to the first 100 who enter the promo code #FRITBOX on the BK app. https://t.co/jRdqoYXjdp pic.twitter.com/3DvFvWUxuj

July 6, 2022

A challenge accepted by Burger King France, which quickly informed users of the BK application that the first 100 to enter the #FRITBOX code could leave with a free Master Chicken. Some lucky people were therefore able to leave with their free burger, enough to fill their stomachs cheerfully after a hit of com.

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