But who killed Tom the nutria in the François-Mitterrand park in Dieppe?

Tom, the nutria living in the François-Mitterrand park in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), was found dead on June 8, 2022. He would have been brutally killed. (©DR)

In the Francois Mitterrand park of Dieppe (Seine Maritime)a nutria died in early June 2022.

According to Francky, a regular visitor to the Dieppe park who is strongly attached to theanimal, he was brutally killed. He is looking for answers.

But who killed Tom the nutria? In recent days, several posters abound in the streets of Dieppe.

“He was extraordinary”

For Francky, a regular at the park who is behind his posters, the death of this animal is similar to that of a loved one.

Since August 2021, he had been going to the park every day to see the one he ended up baptizing Tom.

“He was amazing! When I called him, he came to see me, I gave him food. He didn’t bother anyone. »

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But now Francky learns of the death of his little companion on June 8th. And today, “it makes me sick. I want to know what happened”.

Still on the edge of emotion, Francky turned to the park warden for answers.

“The guard told me that he would have been hit, a large log of wood was next to him,” he explains, moved.

A real animation in the park

This same guard, Serge, explained that the park staff and visitors were very happy with the presence of the nutria.

It creates a real animation in the park and some regulars, who used to stay in their corner, had started talking among themselves about the new residents of the park.

Sergepark keeper

In his eyes, this presence was unifying and schools even came to see the coypu.

According to Francky, two coypus lived in the park. The first would have been captured and the second, according to Serge, would have been massacred.

He also admits to being regularly threatened by people he calls to order in the park.

For Nelly, a mother who comes with her children to the park, “I find it unacceptable that there is animal abuse. We still have a beautiful park…”

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