“By focusing on airlifting high-end exotic products year-round, we aim to carve out a unique niche in the market”

With more than 10 years of experience in the fruit and vegetable trade in the Netherlands, Ricardo Mendes takes on a new challenge with his partner Carlos Henrique Ferreira: Trust Green Trading. From their premises in Barendrecht, they supply the European market with exotic products, primarily by air.

“Countries in South America and Africa are our main original targets. Our main product is Brazilian papaya, which we import by air freight. With exotic goods imported by air, according to Mendes, Trust Green Trading has a distinctive product. “We can provide consistent quality of tree-ripened fruit 52 weeks a year. »

“We want to be a reference on the market with this supply of top quality products all year round. Many companies turn to products from Southern Europe or North Africa in the summer or sell exotic fruits that arrive by ship as if they were of the same quality as exotic fruits delivered by air. However, you cannot compare exotic products matured in wine with products that have been in a container for weeks. The quality, durability, but also the price are of a completely different order”, explains Mendes.

He is very confident about Trust Green Trading’s future. “My partner Carlos has extensive experience with product development and production, while I have primarily worked as a sales and import manager for the past ten years. We look forward to building a great business working directly at the source in countries like Brazil, Peru, Colombia and African countries. »

“The plan is to move into new premises in Barendrecht during the second half of the year. Our main activity falls under the B2B model, with indirect sales to supermarkets, but also to wholesalers throughout Europe. From the heart of the Dutch fresh produce trade, customers from all over Europe can benefit from a consistent quality service: exotics by air! »

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