BYD dethrones Tesla and arrives in Belgium!

Until recently, Tesla broke all sales records and dominated the global electric car market. However, Tesla’s growth is slowing somewhat, particularly due to production issues in China. The Chinese company BYD (Build Your Dreams), for its part, continues to expand. Tesla would still remain the largest manufacturer in the 100% electric vehicle segment, with 565,000 cars sold in the first 6 months of this year, compared to more than 320,000 for BYD. For the Chinese, the situation is quite different: indeed, in China, plug-in hybrid vehicles also count, which places BYD ahead of Tesla with more than 640,000 plug-in cars built. It all depends on how you see things…

Soon also in Belgium

BYD continues to expand its market. Yesterday, the brand officially announced that it is partnering with Louwman in the Netherlands, the Toyota, Lexus and Suzuki importer for our northern neighbours. In the coming weeks, BYD is also expected to announce a partnership with Inchcape at home. This name may not mean much to you, but know that it is the Toyota and Lexus importer in our country. There is no coincidence there, since BYD already collaborates with Toyota! The exact details are not yet known but in the Netherlands the focus will be on online car sales and a number of test and delivery points. Sounds like Tesla’s strategy…

Electric SUV with 400 km range

The first model that will be offered in the Netherlands – and therefore probably also in Belgium – is the Tang, an electric SUV with 7 seats and 4WD. With its 272 hp electric motor and 86 kWh battery, it can reach 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds and cover a distance of 400 km. BYD set foot in Europe for the first time last year: it was in Norway, where the Tang sold 1,000 copies…

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