California bans Tesla from advertising its self-driving car

California bans Tesla from advertising its self-driving car – Credit: Tesla

By January 2023, Tesla must provide lawmakers with a “clear description” of the self-driving features and their limitations.

A new California law takes effect in 2023. It effectively bans automakers from advertising their vehicles as “fully self-driving.” Tesla is one of the manufacturers most affected by this new law.

Tesla as principal

US Senate Bill 1398 requires automakers and dealers to provide consumers with a “clear description” of the function and limitations of semi-autonomous driver assistance features. Bill SB 1398 prohibits a manufacturer from giving a misleading name to these features. It also prohibits reference to or marketing of them. The law was signed by California’s governor in September and will take effect on January 1, 2023.

Tesla has claimed that its cars have “full self-driving” (FSD) capability, the company has yet to demonstrate that its vehicles can safely engage in full self-driving without driver assistance.

The automaker has also been cited in several lawsuits regarding its advanced driver assistance system. Tesla is also involved in an ongoing investigation by the US Department of Justice into their Autopilot ad. Tesla will…


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