Cancer-stricken cat, adopted at age 10, lives harrowing last days with his family

By adopting Wilhelmina at the age of 10, her owners knew that there was a risk that she would leave them sooner than they would have liked. When they learned that she was condemned, they decided to give her the best days of her life.

Despite his advanced age, Wilhelmina, a Persian cat rescued from the streets, was lucky enough to find a family willing to adopt her. It is the association Road Dogs, initially dedicated to rescuing dogs, who took her in. This was their first rescued cat. A family, who had only dogs, discovered the story of Wilhelmina through the association, and decided to give it a new life. But they didn’t expect it to be so short.

Wilhelmina quickly found her place in her new family

When she was picked up, Wilhelmina was in poor condition. As related Yahoo! News, his hair was dirty and tangled and his claws were way too long. They had to be cut under anesthesia. After these first aid treatments, it didn’t take more than a month before the feline was adopted. The family that chose him already had several dogs.

Wilhelmina quickly found her place in this loving home. His kindness allowed him to be accepted by all the inhabitants of the household.

The cat’s health deteriorated rapidly

Unfortunately, shortly after his arrival, Wilhelmina started to have a lump on her cheek.

Worried, her owners immediately took her to their veterinarian. The diagnosis was serious: the feline had a particularly aggressive skin cancer. The animal was doomed. But rather than give up, his family made a decision. The last months of life Wilhelmina must have been his finest.

A “bucket list” to make before your death

The cat’s family then set up a “bucket list” also called a “dream list”. This is a list on which you write down everything you wish you had done in your life. On that of Wilhelmina included trips, and meetings with strangers. The owners of the feline posted a message on social networks, inviting those who wished to come and meet Wilhelmina and give him hugs.

In addition, they offered him two stays in a 5-star hotel. During her last two months of life, the cat was spoiled and fulfilled, by her relatives, as well as by strangers. She received a great wave of love, which for sure made it the best moments of her life. After all these beautiful moments shared, the family of Wilhelmina chose to end his suffering.

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