Castres: the municipal kennel sounds the alarm against the abandonment of dogs

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Every year during the summer, the phenomenon of animal abandonment intensifies. And yet, for a few days, the situation seems even more worrying and alarming at the municipal kennel of Castres in the Tarn.

At the Castres kennel, it’s disarray. Behind her desk, Chantal Béziat, the president of the Castroise Association for Animal Protection (ACPA), which manages the refuge kennel on behalf of the City, opened all the notebooks where all the dogs collected by the structure. With drawn features, worried eyes, she is tearing her hair out to try to find a “solution” to the massive upsurge in animal abandonment in recent days.

“Since 2019, it has been very quiet. We managed to manage the entries well. But there, it’s a disaster, we have 49 dogs! We are more than complete. We have one cage left, but an abandonment happens again this afternoon… And the phone continues to ring, ”explains Chantal Béziat, who had to refuse three dogs the day before. “I don’t know what to do anymore… It’s unheard of and it’s only July 1st. In the meantime, we are trying to organize ourselves as best we can. We had to put dogs in the boxes reserved for the pensions. But the problem is that the pensions will soon arrive with the summer…So where are we going to put these dogs? she wonders.

“It breaks our hearts”

“We assume that during the Covid, people kept the dogs at home, because in addition, many of them had not gone on vacation. It is also assumed that during this period, some cracked up and decided to buy an animal, without measuring the consequences and responsibilities that flow from such an act, I don’t know. Still, today, everyone seems to be going on vacation. So in the worst case, people abandon their dogs in the street and when they are a bit honest, they bring them here to us but after a while, we can’t anymore… So we try to reason with them but when we have no more room, what are we doing, where are we going? ! “says the distraught president, who fears having to come to euthanasia for the oldest.

“It goes against our philosophy and our way of doing things. We always avoid getting there but maybe we won’t have a choice and we will have to make some decisions. It’s terrible, it breaks our hearts… And in all of this, it’s still the animals who suffer”, adds Chantal Béziat, who hopes that people will finally react and “realize that we must no longer abandon animals. dogs or that you have to go and adopt them from kennels and shelters”.

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