The dYdX trading platform freezes the accounts of clients who interacted with Tornado Cash

dYdX, the decentralized trading platform, has just announced that it has blocked the accounts of its users who have interacted with the Tornado Cash protocol in order to comply with recent sanctions issued by OFAC. However, the platform seems to have difficulty sorting out those who have interacted with the protocol and those who have … Read more

Alvexo (Trading on CFD, VPR Safe Financial Group Limited) partially suspended from its activities in France for non-compliance with regulations

๐Ÿ‘‰ IPO OF AMERICAN OR EUROPEAN COMPANIES WITH HIGH POTENTIAL The Freedom Finance online broker gives you access to a selection of upcoming IPOs of American (Discord, Reddit, Stripe, Instacart, Starlink, TikTok, Databricks, …) and European (Deezer, Porsche, Sorare, etc.) via its Freedom24 platform.๐Ÿ‘‰ I would like to discover Freedom Finance’s Freedom24 platform Get 1 … Read more

what about going long from $1,680?

Ethereum is one of the most traded cryptos on trading platforms. In recent days, it has experienced a more or less significant increase. This allowed day traders to find entry points for a long position. On Ethereum, a significant level was seen around 1,680 USDT. As of this writing, this position has already closed in … Read more

Chainlink’s staking program looms

Crypto staking is a process of pledging digital assets to support a blockchain network, verifying and confirming transactions. The participants in the staking receive interest, the amount of which varies according to the token and the duration of the process. Many developers like Chainlink (LINK) have placed it at the heart of their development strategy. … Read more

Forex vs Cryptos: Key Differences Explained

What is forex and what is cryptocurrency? the forex tradingwhich is based on the purchase and sale of currency pairs and that of cryptocurrencies, which is based on digital currencies or virtual currencies, are very similar. These two complex asset classes, which are growing rapidly with gains expressed in thousands of dollars, present many advantages … Read more

Bitcoin Analysis – The Uptrend Continues

Regularly find technical analyzes of the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and other emblematic cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH). But also videos to introduce you to certain technical indicators, tips or more fundamental approaches. All this with the objective of remaining clear and accessible to allow you to learn the basics of trading. And to benefit … Read more

the main criteria to be taken into account –

Trading CFDs (Contract For Difference) allows you to speculate on the price of assets without owning them. It therefore requires less investment and earns you more through leverage. Before making these speculations, you must work with a broker. It is a facilitator of cryptocurrency exchanges between sellers and buyers while providing them with a number … Read more

a good idea to start crypto trading?

Updated August 09. 2022 at 10:32 am Many beginner traders give up the practice after a few weeks or even months. In the end, very few of them manage to get through the difficult beginnings that trading imposes. The causes of these dropouts can be summarized as excessively strong emotions, the long learning curve required … Read more