What is leverage in trading?

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Leverage is a tool used in trading to increase investment capacity without requiring a capital increase. This financial concept makes it possible to open positions much larger than the capital actually held in a trading account, thus amplifying potential gains but also losses with the risk of total liquidation. What is leverage? Leverage is a … Read more

LogX, decentralized commerce boosted with artificial intelligence

LogX, decentralized commerce boosted with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings innovation and opens opportunities for accelerated development in many areas. Between these, blockchain finds obvious points of convergence both on infrastructure issues and on the storage and secure sharing of data. But if there is one discipline where the contribution of AI takes on its full significance, it is cryptocurrency trading. … Read more

A tool for exploitation

funding rate

What are finance rates? THAT financing rates (in French financing rate), plays a special role in margin trading. Especially in derivative markets such as futures, also called Futures (Available e.g. on Bitten). To put it simply, finance rates are in trade fees exchanged between buyers and sellers futures contracts, adjusted periodically to align the contract … Read more

Trading with fractal figures

trading with fractals

Fractals are technical candlestick patterns used to identify potential turning points on price charts, providing perspective on market volatility. They are based on repeated price patterns and thus capture moments when the market changes direction. In addition, these figures are easy to identify because they are very visual. How are fractals formed? A fractal is … Read more

This trading AI will make you take advantage of market volatility

Le halving Bitcoin se rapproche : Cette IA de trading vous fera capitaliser sur la volatilité du marché

Aware of the potential for disruption around the world, an online trading platform is using AI in an attempt to revolutionize the way traders capitalize on cryptocurrencies and traditional assets. In this article, we explore how AlgosOne stands out as one of the best trading platforms for cryptos, offering advanced algorithmic trading, automated trading features … Read more

How to make a good trading plan?

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Example of trading plan You can use the questions and answers below to help you formulate your trading plan. Remember that your trading plan is a personal road map. You must therefore take your own circumstances into account when creating it. What are my motives? Example: “I want to challenge myself and learn as much … Read more