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In early 2023, ElectricCapital released the Crypto Developer Report 2022, where the team analyzed 250 million open source commits as well as data from platforms such as CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, DappRadar, DefiLlama, GitHub and GitLab. The report revealed a 5% increase in the monthly number of active developers compared to the previous year, despite a more than 70% drop in token prices. Ethereum, as the largest cryptocurrency ecosystem, has seen five-fold growth in the number of monthly active developers, with 16% of new developers contributing code to the Ethereum platform. In addition, the report indicated a record number of more than 61,000 developers contributing code for the first time in 2022.

Despite the market downturn in 2022, the cryptocurrency industry continued to attract a significant number of new developers. During the first quarter of 2023, as the crypto economy gradually recovered, the market performance of crypto assets, especially BTC and ETH, was remarkably impressive. A growing number of new crypto users are actively investing in popular crypto trends.

But as more and more users enter the crypto space, they also face concerns about the security of trading platforms. Euler Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, fell victim to a flash lending attack and lost $197 million, the biggest hack of 2023 in finance so far. cryptocurrency. Recently, a hacking attack on Atomic Wallet resulted in the theft of $35 million. Security has always been a top priority in the cryptocurrency industry, and security incidents have led to the downfall of some crypto giants.

In addition to security concerns, cryptocurrency users also place great importance on the products and services offered, as well as compliance and regulation. To better serve cryptocurrency users in the French region and to further improve products and services, CoinExa world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange, hosted a questionnaire 10 July 2023.

The questionnaire covers five sections relating to user profile, compliance and regulation, user engagement patterns, user demand for content and user pain points and satisfaction, respectively. CoinEx has also created open-ended questions to better understand the challenges and bottlenecks users face when trading cryptoassets. In addition, the questionnaire will give users the opportunity to express their real expectations for the products and services offered. To thank you, the first 250 users will receive a reward of 4 USDT from CoinEx after completing the survey!

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