Cook without breaking the bank during the holidays: here are 4 tips

Due to inflation, the price of food has risen significantly. With the holiday season approaching, preparing your menu for the festivities without breaking the bank isn’t easy.

Here are some tips to help you save:

“Portion control is already something that can help us save money. The price of turkey has increased. We also need to plan what to do with our leftovers. Instead of buying a large turkey, you might use ground turkey to make meatball casseroles or to combine food in other dishes,” explains Danny St-Pierre, host of QUB and restaurateur, Le Pontiac et Danny Pan Pizza.

“What happens with buffets is that it’s random. You always have to have a little more. Portions on the plate can be a good strategy,” he recommends.

“Combining legumes with our meat can be interesting. There are several possible paths. The interesting thing about holiday cooking is that it is food that is not expensive,” says the restaurateur.

“A turkey is like a big chicken. So maybe take a chicken and put the same toppings,” advises Mr. St-Pierre.

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