Copy trading on Bitget

Are you not (yet) comfortable with crypto derivatives trading and want to learn from the best? Discover the exchange platform bitget and its Copy Trading offer. We will explain everything to you.

Introduction to Copy Trading on Bitget

A few days ago, Cryptonews introduced you to the Bitget exchange platform, specializing in the trading of crypto derivatives. Among the main features of Bitget, we were talking about Copy Trading. Let’s detail what this offer consists of.

Principle of Copy Trading

Copy Trading is mainly aimed at beginners in trading. If you commit your funds when you don’t know the subject, you risk making mistakes that can cost you dearly. You can also experiment by betting small amounts and it will take a long time for your activity to become profitable.

Do you want to advance faster and increase your earnings faster? Then Copy Trading may turn out to be an interesting option for you. To summarize, you can select one or more professional traders and copy their trades. With Copy Trading, you don’t need to manually open and close positions or monitor the market. You only need one click to follow a trader and perform the same trades automatically.

Benefits of Copy Trading for Subscribers

If you are a subscriber, Copy Trading on Bitget allows you to earn money without having to analyze market conditions, implement strategies or develop advanced trading skills.

A reliable and safe solution

For starters, before choosing a trader to follow, you can view their trading data. Of course, this is historical data of its actual transactions which are audited and traced by Bitget. All information is authentic, transparent and up to date. You can therefore guide your choice based on reliable and reliable data.

Earn money easily

You can follow one or more traders at the same time. Once you’ve tracked one, there’s no need to manually intervene. As soon as the trader opens or closes a position, you automatically copy all their trades and collect the gains.

Of course, you remain in control of the situation and you can intervene at any time to modify and close a position or to unfollow a trader. You can also add a safety system with Stop-Loss or Take Profit features.

You can consult, from your client area, the earnings generated by the traders you follow. Your earnings are updated in real time.

Benefits of Copy Trading for Traders

Subscribers aren’t the only ones profiting from Copy Trading on Bitget. Traders will of course also find their account here.

More earnings

By registering as a Copy Trader on Bitget, you gain access to multiple sources of income, including commissions and dividends from subscribers. You can earn up to 8% dividends from them.

Maximum visibility

With over 8,000 daily active users, Bitget provides traders with excellent visibility which translates into big potential gains.

How to copy trade on Bitget?

Do you want to live the Bitget experience and start doing Copy Trading? Find out how.

Choose a trader to follow

You can view traders’ profiles on the Copy Trading page. To make your choice, you need to analyze their data, including:

  • KING ;
  • Total G and P over 3 weeks;
  • Rate of gain over 3 weeks;
  • Cumulative return;
  • Cumulative subscribers;
  • Quantity of Managed Portfolios (QPG).

The number of followers per trader is limited. You must therefore choose an available trader (without the mention “Complete”). If you want to follow a trader who is full, you can request to receive an alert when a space becomes available.

Once you have chosen a trader, click on “Copy”.

Configure your Copy Trading

Next, you need to configure the Copy Trading settings:

  • Trading pair to copy;
  • Copy Trading Methods;
  • Leverage ;
  • Risk management: Stop-Loss and Take Profit.

That’s it, all you have to do is click on “Follow”!

Warning: This article is promotional content and does not constitute investment advice. Do your own research and only invest the money you can afford to lose.

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