Crypto adoption: Deutsche Börse launches its crypto trading service

A traditional stock market becomes a crypto stock market. With the approval of Spot Bitcoin ETF in the United States on January 10, crypto assets and their manager further entered traditional finance. This integration/adoption of cryptos continues even stronger, Germany this time where German bank (the German stock exchange) has just announced the launch of its own platform for trading digital assets.

A crypto exchange platform offered by German bank

As the name suggests, is German bank is the largest stock exchange in Germany with more than 14,000 employees distributed between Germany and its international branches (in Europe, Asia, America).

In a press release published on March 5, 2024, the German stock exchange announces the launch of its regulated spot exchange platform (spot), for cryptoassets. The latter is called Deutsche Börse Digital ExchangeOr DBDX.

“Our new DBDX solution is a game-changer for digital ecosystems. We aim to provide reliable market operations for cryptoassets, ensuring transparency, security and regulatory compliance for institutional clients in Europe.”

Carlo Kölzer, Head of Currency and Digital Assets at Deutsche Börse

…but exclusively reserved for institutional investors

As the comment from the German stock exchange framework above suggests, this new “regulated crypto exchange” will require small individual investors to search elsewhere. In fact, you will have to be part of the extremely wealthy institutional investors to be able to benefit from it.

The group German bank wishes here above all to demonstrate “its ability to provide innovative financial solutions for digital assets », both to its customers (institutional therefore) in Germany and in other European markets (and even outside).

This new DBDX platform was made possible through the cooperation between the German stock exchange and the Swiss Crypto finance and their cryptocurrency trading and custody offering.

“As a well-established Swiss company with a strong commitment to complying with the law and providing leading financial solutions, we have further strengthened our position with the introduction of Crypto Finance in Germany as settlement agent and custodian. This marks a decisive moment in our mission to grow a robust and reliable digital asset ecosystem with German bank (…). »

Stijn Vander Straeten, CEO of Crypto Finance

If Bank Stuttgart (Stuttgart Stock Exchange) had very early launched a platform for the exchange of cryptoassetsof 2019the group of German bank will also have ended (better late than never) by facing the facts. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a revolutionary new asset class that will – which is already underway – stay unavoidable.

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