Crypto exchanges Coinbase and Kraken have restarted trading of the XRP token in the US

After two and a half years of litigation against the US regulator SEC followed by a positive verdict for Ripple, crypto exchanges Coinbase and Kraken have decided to restart trading of the XRP token in USA.

Crypto exchange Gemini, owned by the Winklevoss brothers, is also considering reviving XRP token trading.

When the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple was announced in late 2020, some US-based crypto exchanges preferred to delist the XRP token to avoid any litigation with the US regulator clearly on a crusade against the sector.

These decisions to relist the XRP token come after judgment given by the judge Analisa Torres WHO determined that the sale of XRP tokens by Ripple did not constitute an offer of investment contracts, click here to read our article.

In its initial complaint against Ripple, the SEC believes that the XRP token is a financial security that is being sold illegally because it is not registered with the regulatory authorities.
The ruling handed down by Judge Torres contradicts the SEC by holding that the XRP token is not a security.

A ruling that may serve as case law in the future for other cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges sued for the same reasons by the US regulator SEC.

Trading platforms Binance and Coinbase are also being sued by United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
The verdict handed down in the Ripple (XRP) case could have a major impact on the outcome of these trials, which will be held in the coming months.

However, the Bitcoin price and the entire crypto market celebrated this victory of Ripple over the SEC with significant price increases.

THAT Ethereum price is now over 2000 dollarsclick here to follow the ETH price live.

THAT Bitcoin price has risen to $31,500click here to follow the current BTC price.

Also note Solana (SOL) price increased 30% to $28, or ADA price increased 25% to $0.36.

Compared to XRP price, it is currently around $0.77click here to follow XRP price in real time.

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