Crypto Suisse: Finally an Institutional Trading Platform

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Switzerland welcomes Rulematch, a revolutionary crypto platform backed by 7 major financial institutions. With Nasdaq technology, it is redefining institutional crypto trading.

Great first: an institutional crypto trading platform has been created in Switzerland

Rulematch: The crypto trading revolution in Switzerland

In Switzerland, banks are showing some interest in crypto. The latest proof: the collaboration between seven major banks. The result is the launch of a new Swiss trading platform, Rulematch.

Based on Nasdaq technology, Rulematch stands out as the first institutional crypto trading platform in Switzerland. Furthermore, the platform’s approach meets the needs of regulated participants. At least that’s what David Riegelnig, CEO of Rulematch, explains. “Security is guaranteed with Metaco custody technology and Nasdaq risk check”he maintains.

BBVA at the forefront of Rulematch

Like six other major institutions, BBVA joins Rulematch for crypto trading in Switzerland. Specifically, the platform offers spot trading for Bitcoin and Ethereum with:

  • an anonymous central order book,
  • integrated post-trade settlement.

Market makers (including Flow Traders and Bankhaus Scheich) guarantee institutional liquidity. Rulematch thus responds to the challenges that institutions face. It also offers a regulated alternative in Switzerland without requiring a trading license.

David Riegelnig, the visionary behind the Swiss institutional crypto trading platform Rulematch

Former Credit Suisse CEO David Riegelnig launches Rulematch to meet the needs of financial institutions. The Swiss platform offers a personalized crypto trading experience with a focus on spot trading for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With its multilateral net settlement, Rulematch facilitates exceptional trading efficiency. Partnerships with major players such as Luzerner Kantonalbank guarantee safe management of trust funds.

With its $14 million in funding, Rulematch promises a new era of institutional crypto trading in Europe, UK and Singapore. It remains to be seen whether the adoption and usage rate will be high enough!

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