Crypto Trader Turns $860 Into $657,000: How To

The cryptocurrency market is full of opportunities for savvy investors. Recently, a trader achieved the feat of turning $860 into $657,000 in just 5 hours. How did he accomplish this feat? By investing in the MOTHER token, a cryptocurrency still little known but with strong potential. Decrypting this success story.


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According to research firm LookOnChain, the trader used 5.14 Solana Tokens (SOL)worth $861, to buy 86.55 million MOR tokens8.6% of the total supply.

Five hours later, he resold 80.41 million of MOR tokens against 3035.5 SOL, or approximately $509,000. He still has 6.14 million MOR worth $148,000.

In total, the crypto trader has therefore transformed $861 to $657,000 in just 5 hours, a win of 762 times your original bet! LookOnChain clarifies that the trader does not appear to be an insider. Before this investment, he had traded almost 700 cryptos with a success rate of less than 25%.

The cryptocurrency sector has many promising but still little-known projects. But be careful, many projects are also “type” scams.pump and dump” where investors can lose a lot of money.

Here are some tips for finding the right projects:

  • Use blockchain scanners like BSCScanner or Etherscan to analyze projects
  • Verify that the token is easily tradable with less than 10% fees
  • Make sure the smart project contract is verified
  • Verify that the creator owns less than 5% of the total supply
  • Prefers projects where more than 95% of the supply is blocked or burned

always remember do your own research before you invest. Cryptocurrency exchanges, data aggregators and social networks are also good sources of information.

Which site to trade cryptocurrencies on?

This story shows that the cryptocurrency market offers exceptional opportunities to those who know how to seize them. but for such success, how many failures? Investing without knowledge in dubious projects is more of a gamble than a reasoned investment strategy.

To start trading cryptocurrency, you must first choose an exchange reliable And safe. One of the most used cryptocurrency exchanges by crypto traders is: Bitget.

Bitget is famous for his trading opportunities whether on leveraged crypto futures or copy trading. This trading platform also allows you to start trading crypto on a demo account.

bitget advantages disadvantagesbitget advantages disadvantages

Either way, the key remains to do his own researchoflearn to analyze projects and D’only invest what we are willing to lose. With practice, critical thinking and discipline, it is possible to uncover future gems and grow your capital without taking unnecessary risks.

Keep your eyes open, the next successful crypto may already be hiding in the depths of a blockchain! But never forget the golden rule: don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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