Cryptocurrency: Maxime lost 100,000 euros on the OmegaPro trading platform

Everyone dreamed of pharaonic returns, well above the 3% offered by the banks. On its website, the OmegaPro platform promised incredible gains: 93 euros earned from the first month for 1,000 euros invested. And even triple the effort after sixteen months! And that’s not all. “For each person you personally sponsor, you receive a 7% commission,” the site assured…

The key to this crazy achievement? Brilliant traders invest in cryptocurrency for you. Thousands of French people believed this mirage… More than 2,000 of them have filed complaints in recent months in Paris for fraud, breach of trust and deceptive business practices by an organized gang.

Among them, Maxime, Rémy or Florence (names have been changed), defended by Me Mourad Battikh, who for several months has collected the stories of 70 investors who lost between 500 and 328,000 euros on OmegaPro. “It is no exaggeration to say that we are facing one of the biggest frauds of the 21st century, since the number of French victims – thousands – is staggering and the damages are colossal – hundreds of millions of euros -“, emphasizes the council.

“Cryptocurrencies are not only virtual. This represents a real saving for my clients who lost everything overnight, insists Me Mourad Battikh. It is time for justice to find those responsible for this massive and sophisticated fraud as soon as possible. “At present, the public prosecutor’s office in Paris has not opened an investigation.

“He advises me to invest a small amount, just to see that it is safe and easy”

For Maxime, Rémy and Florence, it all started with advice from a friend. On social networks for one. The 50-year-old discovered in early 2022 a publication from a resident of his town. “He promoted this platform,” says the 50-year-old. He explained that it had changed his life that the investments were highly profitable and safe. »

Maxime contacts this man who explains to him how OmegaPro works and promises him very interesting gains: “In the beginning, to build my confidence, he advises me to invest a small amount, just to see that it is safe and easy “. For Maxime, it will be 5,000 euros, placed on OmegaPro in February 2022. And very quickly the savings prove profitable.

Lawyer Mourad Battikh represents more than 70 French people who say they have lost significant sums by investing in OmegaPro.

“After a month I decided to cash in my bet and I noticed that I had won 600 euros,” explains Maxime. Then I say to myself that this really is a good plan. “Having just completed a property sale, he therefore decided to invest 100,000 euros in OmegaPro.

“Every day I went to the site and I saw my interests grow”

Rémy, encouraged by an acquaintance, places 20,000 euros on the platform in August 2022. Florence, contacted by a friend “with a fabulous lifestyle”, does the same with “the money that was planned for my pension and that I received after the closure of my company.

She first pays 2,000 euros, then 20,000 when she has confidence. “Every day I went to the OmegaPro website and I saw my interests grow,” confides the sixty-year-old. It seemed really serious. »

“According to the website, my investment grew slowly,” says Rémy, 76 years old. I felt I got a good deal. » “I was able to withdraw about ten thousand euros from my investment without worry,” explains Maxime. I should have been on guard, it was so beautiful…”

“They even arranged video conferences to reassure us”

In November 2022, Florence, Rémy and Maxime, like thousands of other OmegaPro customers, noticed that the platform was closed. “The site managers then explain to us that the platform has been hacked, but that there is no reason to worry, that they are accompanied by a high-ranking company that will fix all that, says the last one. They even arranged video conferences to reassure us, to let us know that the money was still in a safe place…”

“They were just trying to save time, Fabienne thinks today… They asked us to be patient. First until June 2023, then until September…” That’s when the ax falls: OmegaPro executives inform their clients that the money is lost… “Pure and simple theft, Maxime thinks. From the start it was a scam…I think my money was never invested and it was just a Ponzi scheme…”

Like thousands of aggrieved customers – 1,800 again filed complaints last week, their lawyers announced – Fabienne, Maxime and Rémy now want an investigation to be opened and hope to be repaid at least part of the funds invested…” I lost all my savings, emphasizes Firenze. These people must be found and condemned.”

Since OmegaPro disappeared, a new platform has emerged on the Internet. Called GoGlobal, it is the target of several criticisms suggesting a scam. Its founders? Four former members of OmegaPro…

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