Cryptocurrency News – Week of June 25, 2023

This selection – sometimes difficult to make – presents the 5 articles considered to be the most significant of the past week. This in order to be able to stay abreast of important innovations and advances in the field.

With at the end of this summary of the news, a complete technical analysis of the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies emblematic of the week’s news.

A great way to keep an eye on this ecosystem while enjoying the weekend.

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Bitcoin – Over 78% of its supply is currently illiquid

When will the next Bitcoin bull run really start? A question on everyone’s mind as the cryptocurrency market tries to recover from regulatory attacks by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

But of course this does not concern BTC, in progress continue its upward pressure against a fateful resistance of $31,000 which still stands in the way. And while some are wondering when they will participate in this race, others are already on the starting block a supply that has become more than 78% illiquid.

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US – Federal Reserve considers stablecoins “a form of money”

USA - Federal Reserve Considers Stablecoins "as a form of currency"

Hard to pinpoint the strategy of the various US financial surveillance structures against the cryptocurrency industry. Furthermore, can it still be a “sector” when this digital economy is divided into different poles to better manage its development.

A division to better rule in which stablecoins are a real thorn in the side of central banks. But the excitement may be about to end because the head of the Federal Reserve (Fed) of the United States claims to see it “a form of currency.”

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opBNB – The BNB chain launches its layer 2 based on Optimism

opBNB - The BNB chain launches its layer 2 based on Optimism

The cryptocurrency market operates in waves of successive innovations accompanied by new functionalities, the spread of which eventually reaches all sectors. And in the blockchain space, this forward run is undeniably called “Layer 2.”

In fact, all networks end up choosing these solutions of the “second layer” type. or quite similar parallel versions. A step that the BNB chain has just officially taken with the rollout of the network upBNB based on optimism.

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AMF – Open discussion on DeFi regulatory issues

AMF - Open discussion on DeFi regulatory issues

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (AMF) is well known by French players in the cryptocurrency sector. Indeed, it is to this “independent public” structure that they must report for their activities as service providers on digital assets (PSAN).

A national policeman whose main purpose is to find a legal framework to classify all the consequences of this digital economy. Reason why a recent “discussion” has just been opened about “regulatory issues” of DeFi. A procedure open until September 30…

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Big shout out to Wyre, pioneer of the fiat to crypto ramp

Wyre - New Bankrupt Crypto Company?

The crypto industry is still not out of the doldrums. the proof, a new historic player in the ecosystem, Wyre, is throwing in the towel.

Provider of crypto payment solutions for ten yearsthe San Francisco-based company has reportedly failed to overcome a prolonged bear market.

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Bear market – It can last a long time!

Bear Market - It can last a long time!

This technical analysis will be an opportunity to take a long-term view of Bitcoin. This must be determined with maximum precision when the next bull market might startbased on available historical data.

So in another step it will be a matter of seeing what is the short term trend for BTC. Knowing that the current period is particularly conducive to the implementation of an active trading strategy very profitable for those who know how to read the various indicators and decipher the signals.

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