Cyril Hanouna joins a trading service as a talent!

Cyril Hanouna has just joined a trading platform. He is therefore now a talent on the platform, but also a shareholder.

Cyril Hanouna has just joined a trading platform. The latter is called Royaltiz. And the host of TPMP explains why he is launching this field as a talent. We tell you more in this article.

Cyril Hanouna joins a trading platform

At the moment, Cyril Hanouna is on all fronts. A few days ago, we found the host of TPMP in front of the assembly’s deputies for a summons. His hearing lasted a while and was very serious.

In fact, he was asked a lot of questions about his show. But according to Ségolène Royal, the host did pretty well during his hearing. Although the host initially did not want to go.

After a reminder from X telling him he had no choice but to go there, he was therefore present. But besides all that, we also find Cyril Hanouna on a trading platform. A very innovative platform.

The concept of Royaltiz is actually betting on the “stock market” on the careers of public figures. Instead of buying shares in companies, you do it in personalities like Antoine Dupont or Cyril Gane.

Royaltiz started in 2021. So it’s only been 3 years. But it is a success. Until now, the platform had 190 talents. But she just got new ones from the TV world like Cyril Hanouna.

Focus on personalities’ careers

So Cyril Hanouna arrives at Roayltiz as a shareholder, but also as a talent. It is therefore possible to bet on him from 2 euros. And in a video on Instagram, the TPMP host says he should have thought of this idea.

I think Royaltiz is really, I said it before, it’s the new unicorn. It appeals to everyone. That’s what I liked too, it’s that you think big. »

Cyril Hanouna will now invest in large projects. ” I want very large projects. Today I will not invest in a restaurant. But I would like international projects. »

To see if this project will be as productive as the host thinks. At least he has high hopes for this project. In any case, at the moment everyone is only talking about his hearing in the Assembly.

And despite what is accused by the head of the group, Vincent Bolloré, Cyril Hanouna continues to defend him. So will this audition have an impact on the show? We’ll have to wait a bit to find out.

In any case, the host will also invest his money in projects he believes in. And that is the case with Royaltiz, which has been working well since its creation. The company achieved a turnover of DKK 4.2 million. in 2022.

And for this year, a turnover of between 15 and 20 million euros is expected. A project that is growing and therefore of great interest to Cyril Hanouna, who believes that this project will be exported to the whole world.