“Dibu” Martinez has offered himself a guard dog to protect his trophies

Emiliano Martinez, goalkeeper of Argentina and executioner of France in the final of the World Cup, offered a guard dog to protect his luxury house in England and his trophies, the English press reports.

After the celebrations and his exile celebrations, Emiliano Martinez returned to England last week. The Argentine goalkeeper was even on the bench during the meeting between Tottenham and Aston Villa (0-2) on Sunday, two weeks after the title of world champion won by Argentina against France (3-3, 4 losses 2). He was also one of the characters in this final with a save on Kingsley Coman’s shot on goal and a psychological duel (based on intimidation and sweet words) won against Aurélien Tchoumani (side shot). This paid off with the title for the Albiceleste and the title of best goalkeeper for him nicknamed “Dibu”.

Jewels that the Argentine goalkeeper made sure to protect solidly. According to the Daily Star, he has offered himself a guard dog worth €23,000 to ensure the security of his luxury home in the West Midlands. He is a Belgian Shepherd Malinois known for being specially trained and serving the British Special Forces and the US Navy. The tabloid presents the pedigree of the animal, which weighs 30 kg and is often deployed in combat zones around the world.

Prized by special forces

According to the Daily Star, Martinez bought him from a British company, Elite Protection Dogs, whose clients include France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, former England international defender Ashley Cole and boxing star Tyson Fury. “Belgian Shepherd Malinois are working dogs chosen by the military and police as #1 in the world, boasts a spokeswoman for the company. The US Navy Seals used Malinois in the operation to capture Ben Laden. The breed is super athletic, agile, excellent at hunting prey, making them excellent candidates for any task at work. There are dogs and there are Malinois.”

A reliable recruit for the Martinez family and the new trophies that now live in the household: the World Cup medal and the competition’s best goalkeeper trophy, which he had rudely displayed on the podium during the awards ceremony.

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