Did Elon Musk really use his private jet for a 9-minute flight?

Nine minutes by private jet. Here is the last performance attributed to Elon Musk. The American billionaire has been singled out for a mini, but very expensive, private jet ride, reports Korii. In any case, says Jack Sweeney, the software developer who created Twitter robots to track the movements of personalities in private jets. He is at the origin of this discovery which is controversial.

A journey with 0.02 tonnes of greenhouse gases

The route in question connects the cities of San José to San Francisco, California (United States). These are about 83 km apart, so it would take 52 minutes to complete by car according to Google Maps. However, if Elon Musk’s private jet was indeed identified by Jack Sweeney, it is difficult to say categorically that the billionaire was on board at that time.

According to our colleagues, the journey made by Elon Musk would have produced 0.02 t of greenhouse gases. This may not seem like much, but combined with other similar flights during the day, it ends up being significant. Obviously, this route is in direct contradiction with the positions of Elon Musk and his company Tesla. In a text still online on the brand’s website, the entrepreneur says that his company’s plan is the maximum eradication of greenhouse gas emissions. For this, he specifies that it is necessary in particular to go through the electrification of our societies, cars and trucks by opting for photovoltaic roofs.

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