Djokovic and Kyrgios at the restaurant after the final, the winner will pay the bill

The somewhat temperamental Australian and the often dominating Serb, who is aiming for a 7th title on English grass and therefore a 21st Major, have not always been on such good terms: “It took you five years to manage to say something nice about me,” Djokovic joked on the social network.

“It’s true, but I stood up for you when it mattered,” replied Kyrgios, one of the few players to publicly support ‘Nole’ when he refused to get vaccinated and was therefore kicked out of the squad. Australian Open, early 2022, after two weeks of controversy.

“You did it and I appreciated that,” Djokovic replied. “So we’re friends now?” retorted the Australian. “If you invite me for a drink or dinner, I accept. And the winner of tomorrow (Sunday’s final) will pay,” concluded the Serb.

“Sold. Let’s go to a nightclub and go crazy,” Kyrgios offered, in a possible allusion to a photo of Djokovic in Belgrade, shirtless in a nightclub in June 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Kyrgios then criticized Djokovic for having organized a series of tournaments in Serbia, the Adria Tour, despite the pandemic, and accused him of “lacking humility”. He then supported him, to everyone’s surprise, during the saga that ended with his expulsion from Australia.

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