do you know which ones don’t go in the fridge?

Coming home from shopping? Each product must therefore be stored in its place, between the refrigerator, the cupboards or on the work surface in the open air.

In your burst of filling the vegetable bin, stop at the tomatoes! If it is possible to put them in the refrigerator to preserve them longer, they retain their taste qualities better in the open air.

The avocado also corresponds to a sensitive fruit. It will bear the cost if it is already very ripe. If not, leave it outside instead, so that the part around the core does not darken. Like banana peels, which tend to turn black in the fridge. However, this does not alter the product.

And the eggs?

Garlic will also prefer a cool, dry and airy place rather than the refrigerator, at the risk of rotting. In the same way as onions, unless they are peeled and provided they are placed in a well-sealed food container.

There remains the discussed question of eggs which, it should be remembered, are not stored in the fridge in supermarkets. And at home ? In a scientific opinion of July 2014, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) decided: “Keeping eggs in the fridge is the only way to reduce the increased risk of infection due to prolonged storage. However, if sell-by and use-by dates are extended by more than three weeks, the risk increases, even if the eggs are refrigerated in retail establishments. »

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