Do you want to shop? Avoid this platform at all costs

Trading can be a profitable activity if you choose your strategies well… but also your platform!

Beware of this unfavorable trading platform

It is not easy to engage in a profitable trading activity. This is why many users turn to specialized platforms. However, some of them can do more harm than good.

For several weeks, the Futures Infinity platform has been buzzing on social networks. This offers to train future traders in cryptocurrencies and forex through video media. If everything on the surface seems innocent, stay away BeInCrypto advises against registering there for the following reasons:

1. Not very detailed trading training

When taking a first look at the Futures Infinity website, the first thing that strikes you is the lack of information. The set looks more like an advertisement than a real training proposal.

Besides, the platform offers to register by taking advantage of a package that will give rise to a monthly subscription. The more expensive it is, the more options there are of course.

Source: Infinity Futures

Note however that the content of the training is not detailed anywhere. It is therefore impossible to know more about the support, the techniques taught or the trainers. Something that is significant in light of the financial risks associated with trading.

2. The promise of benefits against recruitment

If we are to believe the investigation carried out by InvestX, there is no longer any question of training once the registration has been made. The essence of the dialogue consists primarily in the abolition of the subscription and in the promise of future commissions. For this, however, each student must recruit three people. The higher the number of people in the team, the more one can claim a fixed income.

Similarly, some rumors claim that Futures Infinity has a crypto trading bot or even a copy trading service. However, it is not mentioned anywhere, and it may be that these two options are only available after a certain number of people have been recruited.

3. A disguised Ponzi scheme?

You would have understood it, therefore, the trading training system offered by Infinity Futures appears to be just an excuse for the Ponzi scheme which is built from the platform. Even worse, if the training is really just stupid and ugly copycat, we might as well tell you that there is no training at all!

Be that as it may, the situation is therefore clear: there is no real fixed income, as these are paid from the subscriptions the teams generate. This MLM system has its limits as the pyramid will collapse when no one wants to sign up.

Finally, if we are to believe the comments of some users, the command to bring money back is constant, something that is not necessary in a simple training aimed at educating students.


Futures Infinity, one case among many others?

Futures Infinity says it is headquartered in Dubai in order not to have to pay French taxes, according to his own statement.

This situation hides two things: the company’s directors are unlikely to be prosecuted in the event of a problem. This gives them plenty of time to make a 🚨 rug pull. In this case, injured students will not be able to benefit from the guarantee that applies to platforms registered with the AMF.

Also note that many Dubai based trading education platforms turned out to be scams in previous years. Among the most famous is the company Melius, whose advertisement was broadcast on social networks by the influencer JP Fanguin.

Source: JP Fanguin’s Twitter account

We are therefore justified in asking ourselves whether Futures Infinity would not be another misdeed by the managers of these already condemned companies!

Recently, many French people have risen against IM Academy, a company similar to Futures Infinity. This would have emptied the pockets of many young Europeans and at the same time created a certain number of sectarian excesses.

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Moral of the story: your money and your time are precious, don’t let anyone play with them!


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