Elon Musk announces that Starlink satellites will cover all parts of the Earth


After the launch of 46 new satellites into space, the founder of “SpaceX”, the American entrepreneur Elon Musk announced that the “Starlink” satellites would cover all parts of the Earth.

“This operation will provide full coverage of Earth,” Musk said in a tweet on Twitter Monday morning, commenting on the launch of 46 satellites via the Falcon 9 rockets his company is developing.

But the owner of “SpaceX” corrected in the same tweet, saying that full coverage of the territory remains dependent on the approval of local governments.

Through the launch of thousands of Starlink satellites, SpaceX aims to provide internet access around the world, in addition to other scientific and military uses.

military researchers in China have previously raised the possibility of their country destroying Starlink satellites, if they pose a threat to Chinese national security.

Musk calls on Twitter to prove the ‘humanity’ of its users before finalizing the purchase

On May 18, 2022, Elon Musk asked the current administration of Twitter to prove that the proportion of fake accounts on the site does not exceed 5%, before concluding the agreement to buy the platform.

“Twitter CEO refused to prove less than 5% of accounts are fake,” Musk himself said in a tweet on Twitter.

For its part, Twitter announced in a press release its commitment to finalize the sale transaction, at the agreed price and conditions.

In another tweet, Musk hinted at an increase in the percentage of automated accounts on Twitter, to a level that exceeds the 5% announced by the site’s management, according to him.

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