Elon Musk declares war on a Twitter news site (and he’s already lost)

Satirical newspaper Hard Drive attacked Elon Musk over intellectual property and copyright.

While he is accused of sexual assault and about to get his hands on the social network Twitter, Elon Musk has just lost a new fight. On May 30, the American billionaire shared a screenshot of the satirical site Hard Drive. Nothing problematic in itself, except that instead of relaying the article in question, Musk simply took a screenshot, while taking care to cut off the name of the media.

A situation that Hard Drive logically did not like it. Quickly, the site attacked Elon Musk on his favorite ground, apostrophizing him directly on Twitter: “Hey, we give you a horse if you stop cutting our name on our own articles”. A direct and targeted attack, the mention of the horse referring to the proposal that the businessman would have made to one of his employees to obtain sexual favors.

The response from the principal concerned was obviously not long in coming. True to form, Musk put on the show with a scathing retort : “If you want to make a meme and someone (not me) picks it up by cutting your name off, that’s it. Besides, he’s only worth a 6/10, maybe you should get off that horse”.

Elon Musk wants an Internet without credit

This is not the first time that Elon Musk has taken this kind of radical position on copyright. Already in 2019, he explained that “no one should ever be credited for anything“. Regularly touting “the selfless art of meme-makers”, the boss of Tesla indeed considers that the credits under a photo or a work contribute to “destroy the support“.

Elon Musk finally gave in. After two requests from Hard Drive, the businessman deleted his tweet, while reaffirming his position on copyright. For its part, the satirical newspaper was content to respond with a new article, this time entitled “Elon Musk admits he wants to travel to Mars because no one hates him there yet”. In response, Musk simply stated that “the message was not funny because it is woke“, once again attacking the movement.

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