Elon Musk doesn’t see himself running Twitter for too long

The owner of Tesla explained that he wanted to spend less time at the head of Twitter in the future and wanted to endow the social network he bought with a new leader.

Elon Musk continues to blow hot and cold. The new owner of Twitter said Wednesday, November 16, that he was considering the imminent arrival of a leader other than himself at the head of the social network he recently acquired. The remarks were made as he testified in a Delaware state court to defend himself against accusations that his annual goals at Tesla, justifying a compensation of 56 billion dollars, were too simple to achieve.

“There was a burst of activity following the acquisition (of Twitter) to reorganize the group,” Elon Musk said in his deposition. “But I expect to spend less time at Twitter.” The CEO of Tesla also hopes to complete this week the restructuring he initiated on his arrival. The businessman’s first two weeks as the owner of the “blue bird” were filled with chaos. Elon Musk quickly fired the group’s previous chief executive and other executives before firing nearly half of the employees.

The ultimatum to Twitter employees

Furthermore, as details it washington post, the new owner of Twitter sent a document to be signed by email to all the teams, on the night of November 15 to 16. A real injunction to take up the cause of its strategy or simply leave the company.

Because despite warnings repeated by his teams, Elon Musk tried to generate new profits by allowing each user to afford a blue certification badge for 8 dollars, without any identity verification. A decision that sparked an outcry among Twitter employees.

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