Elon Musk hired Hacker Prince to fix Twitter and Geohot Story

George Hotz had already tried to collaborate with Elon Musk at the time of Tesla: on this occasion, however, the contract was skipped because the terms of the hiring were not clear.

George “Geohot” Hotz was the first person in the world to successfully jailbreak Apple’s operating system on an iPhone. And he managed to do it at the age of 17, when Steve Jobs had just presented the first smartphone ever produced by Cupertino. By jailbreak we mean a violation of the operating system that allows you to enter options not provided by the parent company. The exploit immediately threw him into the Olympus of hackers, where he decided to descend to Earth to work at Twitter.

Gehot is part of the first wave of hiring that came after the massive layoffs decided by Elon Musk and after the wave of resignations that came with the aut aut of the new CEO. Musk had asked the remaining employees if they were willing to work hard for the company. He will now work 12 weeks at Twitter, although the terms of his contract are not yet clear. Reporters from The Verge tried to seek confirmation from the social network’s headquarters, but the press relations team was swept away by the dismissals.

The precedent with Tesla

This isn’t the first time Geohot and Musk have worked together. In fact, the entrepreneur had already made the hacker a job offer several years ago but for Tesla. The proposal had not materialized because, according to Geohot, they kept changing the terms of the contract. After the failure of the collaboration with Tesla, the hacker founded Comma.ai, a company that works in the autonomous driving sector.

Comma.ai is currently selling a $1,999 dev kit that promises to turn an ordinary car into a self-driving car. The kit is compatible with approximately 200 different models. Geohot explained that his goal is to contribute to the creation of a new world: “It’s not about accumulating capital in a dead world, it’s about making the world alive”.

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