Elon Musk hires famous iPhone hacker to fix Twitter in 3 months

Following a short exchange on the social network, Elon Musk hired George Hotz, known to have jailbroken the iPhone and hacked the PlayStation 3. The goal: to repair the currently broken search function of the social network in exchange for an internship of 12 weeks.

George Hotz © Comma.ai

After going all out, Elon Musk is recruiting to save Twitter. George Hotz, known in the industry for having succeeded in jailbreaking the iPhone and hacking the PlayStation 3, has just been hired by Elon Musk.

The project is to put it on a real technical challenge: fix twitter in three months. He was specifically hired to fix the social network’s currently broken search function.

Fix Twitter in three months, a challenge that Elon Musk launches to a hacker

Elon Musk had previously tried to hire the hacker for Tesla, but they had a falling out over the terms of the job, according to multiple sources. In response, Hotz had founded Comma AI, a company that develops software that competes with Tesla’s Autopilot.

Elon Musk then spoke with him in 2015 to find out if a single person or a small company like his would be able to create self-driving software that could be used inside real cars. Today, Elon Musk has therefore hired Hotz for a job that would require an entire team to complete.

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All has started when Hotz praised Musk for letting go of anyone who didn’t want to work on a Twitter more than 12 hours a day. After a few exchanges, Hotz has offers to Elon Musk that he hires him for a 12-week internship “ to cover living costs in San Francisco “. A proposal that Elon Musk will have accepted.

Hotz said it will get rid of the login pop-up that indicates if you scroll too long. He also wants to improve the relevance of search results. Meanwhile, Elon Musk announced the reinstatement of suspended accounts and fired numerous engineers.

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