Elon Musk invited to learn more about Islam

Tehran (IQNA)- After a ‘brainwashing’ tweet, CAIR urges Elon Musk to meet with American Muslims to learn more about their religion.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the largest civil rights organization for American Muslims, invited Elon Musk to meet American Muslims and learn more about Islam after he tweeted a “prejudiced and nonsensical” graphic that used the Islamic star and crescent as an example of “brainwashing”, along with other symbols including the communist hammer and sickle.

In a statement, CAIR Deputy Country Director Edward Ahmed Mitchell said:

“American Muslims may take it as a joke, but it was a very stupid joke. To associate a common symbol of Islam – the star and crescent – with both brainwashing and irreligious ideologies like communism is as bigoted and absurd as using a Star of David to target the Jewish community.

“We invite Elon Musk to meet American Muslims and learn the truth about Islam. This will not only help him respect and better serve his various clients, but perhaps also bring him closer to the peace that money and fame never can buy.



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