Elon Musk lashes out at Apple for cutting Twitter ads

Over the past few weeks, Twitter has lost a good number of its top-spending advertisers, mostly to its new CEO and its more or less unclear and confusing actions. The situation was apparently serious enough that Musk personally called some advertising giants to express his frustration with their exodus. Apple was apparently one of the deep advertisers who wanted to avoid Twitter, and Musk is not happy.

Musk tweeted earlier this week that “Apple has mostly stopped advertising on TwitterNot satisfied with that, Musk called out Apple CEO Tim Cook in a subsequent tweet and asked him about the latest development. Musk seems relentless in his criticism of Apple. He also questioned Apple’s political bias in response to a tweet that claimed Apple mostly donates to the Democratic Party.

Twitter’s new CEO hit out at Apple’s 30% tax policy for all in-app transactions, a mandate that every app listed on the App Store must adhere to. Musk continued his criticism, indicating in another tweet that he would go to war against Apple rather than pay a 30% tax on the App Store.

It should be noted that Phil Schiller, an Apple veteran who ran the App Store for a long time, left Twitter a few days ago, shortly after Musk reinstated Donald Trump’s account. As for advertisers, they are most concerned that Musk’s “free speech absolutist” stance could undermine moderation policies and make Twitter a less-than-ideal platform for advertising goods and services.

The story doesn’t end with ads. Musk claims that Apple “threatened to remove Twitter from its App Store”. Musk did not say whether Apple wants to pull the app from the App Store or whether the company has an updated version that could contain controversial changes that potentially violate Apple policies. The latter case happened recently when Apple blocked Spotify from selling its audiobooks from its streaming app.

When a reporter asked if Apple “threatened Twitter’s presence in the App Store or made other requests for moderation?Musk only responded with a simple “Yes.” In another tweet, Musk launched a poll asking his followers whether Apple should post a record of “censorship actions” it has taken in the past that have negatively impacted customers.

Musk also accused Apple of “covert suppression of free speech” and even appeared to suggest that the company could use its “duopoly powers to harm Tesla” because the majority of Tesla car owners rely on the company’s eponymous application installed on their iPhones .

The possibility of Twitter being banned from the Google App Store and Play Store prompted a rather interesting response from Musk last weekend. When asked about such a future, Musk replied that he would make his own smartphone if Twitter was kicked out of Apple and Google’s app store.

Musk hopes to achieve what companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Meta have failed to do.

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