Elon Musk recruited his arch nemesis for an internship at Twitter

George Hotz has started a 12-week internship at Twitter. An astonishing business choice since this computer engineer is known, among other things, for his dispute with Elon Musk.

It is a person for the least unexpected who joined Twitter. While a drastic cut in the workforce pushed employees towards the exit, George Hotz took the opposite path. A surprise for anyone who knows the computer engineer, recalls TechCrunch.

Autonomous vehicle technology

Famous for having hacked the first iPhones and the PlayStation 3, the 33-year-old man has maintained a fierce rivalry with Elon Musk for several years. The reason? Tesla, one of the billionaire’s other companies.

In 2015, George Hotz built his own self-driving vehicle in his garage. He even claims that his technology can beat the one that Elon Musk integrates into his electric cars, the Autopilot. The quarrel escalates as the engineer is approached to join Tesla. Faced with (too) many changes in the terms of the contract, George Hotz slams the door and founds Comma.ai.

The company offers open source software, Openpilot, to equip any car with a semi-autonomous driving system. Today, Comma.ai claims to have equipped more than 200 vehicles. But in early November, George Hotz stepped aside from the company.

“A broken and unusable search engine”

Few people would have bet on a reunion of the two men at Twitter. However, Elon Musk has tasked George Hotz with cleaning up the social network’s internal search function. To do this, he has a 12-week internship.

A particularly difficult task to believe the reactions on Twitter. “No chance this guy will show up and fix Twitter’s broken and unusable search engine in a month when thousands have failed for years,” wrote one user, referring to the 5,000 employees who have since left the company. the arrival of Elon Musk.

“That’s what Elon Musk asked me,” replied George Hotz. However, he qualified this objective. At the same time, the engineer wants to take care of the login window that appears on the social network as soon as an Internet user browses the site. “If I manage to overcome this window, I would consider my internship as a victory”, he assures.

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