Elon Musk restores Donald Trump’s Twitter account

Donald Trump is back on Twitter… at least, his Twitter account. The former US president has not yet posted anything there, and for the moment he has not confirmed that he will take over the reins of his account.

On Friday evening, Elon Musk posted a poll on Twitter, asking his followers to vote for or against restoring Donald Trump’s account. By a small majority (51.8%), they voted in favor of the return of the account of the former American president. Without delay, the new boss of Twitter therefore reactivated the profile of the previous tenant of the White House.

The former US president has not confirmed his return to Twitter

Donald Trump, who had made Twitter his sounding board for his meteoric political rise, had been suspended from the social network in early 2021, following the attempted coup by his supporters on Capitol Hill in Washington on January 6 of that same year. The former president is still suspected of supporting and inciting his supporters to storm the symbol of American politics.

It now remains to be seen whether Donald Trump will truly regain possession of his Twitter account. At present, there is no indication that he intends to do so. Following his eviction from the social network, he took refuge on Truth Social where he continues to distill his rants.

In terms of form, this restoration of Donald Trump’s account raises many questions. Originally, that is to say as soon as he took power at Twitter, Elon Musk announced the creation of a moderation “committee” responsible for issues of restoring banned accounts. The billionaire has visibly changed his tune by appealing to the poll, ” Vox Populi vox dei as he writes.

But this form of direct democracy has its own problems. The Twitter user who is not following Elon Musk’s account was unable to vote. And Elon Musk hardly left time for his survey, only 24 hours…

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