Elon Musk, the mirror of our visionless leaders – Liberation

Jonathan Bouchet-Petersen’s post

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The ambitious billionaire, now boss of Twitter, assaults excess and provocations. But why do our political elites leave him the monopoly of dreams and audacity?

From a moral, social and even philosophical point of view, there are many things to reproach Elon Musk. On the democratic level, we can worry about his influence, especially since this patented libertarian, support of the Republicans with Trump sauce, took control of Twitter. But if the richest man in the world fascinates as much as he alarms, it is also because this follower of the strategy of chaos, source of many amazements, has no complex to affirm that he wants to push back, by queen technology, the current limits of humanity and to draw new paths, of which one can wonder if they are all desirable.

Global app

It sends its Space X rockets into space, with the decisive support of NASA and therefore of American public power. It lines the sky with communication satellites, contributing with Starlink to a new form of pollution above our heads and creating the possible mesh of global surveillance.


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