Elon Musk threatens to create his own iPhone if Apple kicks him out of the App Store

While rumors are swirling about the arrival of Apple Music at Tesla, Elon Musk’s little outing around a possible threat of Twitter’s exit from the App Store is reigniting tensions between the two American companies.

A very real threat?

Since the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, it’s a bit of a berezina. Admittedly, the social network is still valiant, but it has lost many of its employees. On the customer side, the changes are there too, with a new subscription for certification ($8/month) but also lots of rather cool new features, such as the promise of encrypted private messages, better research, etc. In short, Musk wants above all to put a company that is struggling to hold on financially in line.

But the new blue bird boss also wish restore freedom of expression on Twitter, some of whose figures have been ejected from the social network – from Donald Trump to certain personalities deemed too reactionary. Regardless of the political orientations of each, placing limits on freedom of speech is not obvious – we can see it here in the comments, where some arrogate all the freedoms to defend their point of view –contradiction is necessary but also has its limits. The whole question is to know who sets these limits (the law? morality? political orientation?) and whether a private party in a situation of quasi-monopoly can arrogate to itself all the rights in terms of freedom of expression – whether either Apple, Google, Facebook or Twitter.

So, could Apple really kick Twitter out of its store? This seems very unlikely, given the number of organizations that depend on this service for their communication (including Apple), not to mention the press, associations, governments… Twitter has become in 10 years much more than a simple social network, as we are often sold. Elon Musk would really have to make a huge dump for Tim Cook to consider such a thing. punishment.

Elon Musk’s phone

In the game of sound bites, Elon Musk has been particularly prolific lately and does not hesitate to answer when asked. For instance, when a tweeter suggests that Apple (and Google) could remove the app from the App Store, he replies I don’t think it’s come to that but yes, if there’s no other choice, I’ll make an alternative phonea way to remind Apple that the entrepreneur also has the weapons to develop revolutionary products -PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX are there to demonstrate it.

Elon Musk threatens to create his own iPhone if Apple kicks him out of the App Store

The arrival of a MuskPhone therefore seems as unlikely as an exit of Twitter from the App Store, but who knows : by developing its own OS at Tesla, its own satellite network with StarLink and even its own ecosystem in a more global way, the idea of ​​a new generation of terminals is never to be excluded and it would perhaps not be a question of not be an iPhone as we know it today.

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