Elon Musk tries to justify the layoffs

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, the billionaire has decided to put his paw on the company. In particular, he decided to launch a gigantic redundancy plan which should concern nearlyone out of two posts (3,750 jobs), according to the American press. Note that a week after his arrival, the boss of Tesla had already dismissed its board of directors, the general manager and other officials.

According to the Reuters agency, Elon Musk would have asked these teams to reach billion in savings per year. He has also embarked on some major projects that do not really find supporters among users. The California-based company has temporarily closed its offices and notified thousands of people by email.

“I woke up to find out that I will no longer be working at Twitter. My heart is broken. I can not believe it“, thus tweeted Michele Austin, the director of regulations for the United States and Canada.

For his first message since the announcement of the massive layoffs, Elon Musk wanted to justify himself on Twitter: “Sadly, there’s no other choice when the company is losing over $4 million a day.. All those who lost their jobs were offered three months of compensation,” he said.

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