Elon Musk wants to integrate cryptocurrency payments on Twitter

After the takeover of Twitter, the founder of Paypal, Space X and Tesla would like to introduce micro-payments on his social network.

We know Elon Musk is a crypto-currency enthusiast. He would even like to combine this with his new baby: Twitter. The American billionaire has floated the idea that users should be able to send money to each other. At the moment, Twitter does not allow transactions between users, but it does allow a system called tips. It allows users to send money, both regular currency and cryptocurrencies, to a content creator of their choice. A system similar to donations on Twitch.

Last October, Jane Manchun Wong revealed that Twitter was working on a crypto wallet system that supports “cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal”. Binance even made headlines recently with a $500 million stake in Twitter.

Musk’s passion for cryptos and his plan to expand the use of them are not about to stop. Especially with Binance entering the dance.

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