Elon Musk’s doublespeak on Twitter

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Billionaire Elon Musk is talking about him in the US, but also in Europe by censoring the accounts of American journalists.

We must re-read what Elon Musk said on November 6: ” My commitment to free speech extends to not banning the account that tracks my flight, even if it is a personal safety risk. Just over a month later, this ElonJet account, created by 20-year-old student Jack Sweeney, has been permanently suspended by Twitter.

Reports of US journalists suspended by Twitter

Twitter, which was bought at the end of October by Elon Musk for 44 billion dollars after a long legal battle, has just suspended a dozen accounts of American journalists from New York Timesfrom washington post or from CNN. The reason would be that these Twitter accounts referred to the ElonJet page, which provided real-time geolocation coordinates of Elon Musk’s aircraft, which according to the billionaire violates Twitter rules. It seems that the decision was made by Musk after an incident in Los Angeles on December 15, in which a car his son was sitting in was hit by a stalker who got on the hood.

Since then, the man who is also the boss and creator of Tesla has been doing small polls on his Twitter account to find out if he should restore these accounts immediately, in 7 days or later. Moreover, it is not just any journalist who has been blocked, as they are rather characterized by their affiliation with pro-democracy media and by a critical approach to the actions of Elon Musk, who restored Donald Trump’s Twitter account and who kills. the awake culture.

Strong reactions in Europe

In Europe, the reactions have multiplied. ” Proof that the arbitrariness of the big platforms is a great danger to democracy warned Reporters Without Borders. Roland Lescure, the French delegate for the Minister of Industry, announced the suspension of all activity on Twitter. Věra Jourová, Vice-President of the European Commission, recalled that there was a red line that should not be crossed and that sanctions were set this summer in the European DSA Regulation, such as a fine of 6% of turnover.

Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Single Market, reiterates that Elon Musk knows he will not be able to do what he wants in Europe. But he can very well present a presentable image at home while trashing the moderators or playing censors across the Atlantic. Meanwhile, Bernard Arnault, who has become the world’s richest man in his place, could inspire him. To avoid being tracked with his jet, the Frenchman, owner of LVMH, didn’t buy Twitter… but rented planes.


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