Elon Musk’s Neuralink company accused of torturing monkeys in tests

Elon Musk is going through a bit of a tough time for his businesses, as he tries to go back and make the purchase of Twitter, the billionaire faces charges of animal abuse at another of his businesses: Neuralink.

The company, which develops brain implants intended one day to be used in humans, has never been unanimous and has always encountered resistance from the authorities. Now the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) says it has uncovered hundreds of photos of monkeys being tortured during testing of the technology.

In its defense, Neuralink claims that the animals were not tortured and is trying to prevent the dissemination of the images, which would be in the possession of the University of California at Davis.

Basically, the PCRM requests the dissemination of these images and accuses the university of concealing the photos which would even show “autopsies of slaughtered animals”. The lawsuit was also filed against Neuralink itself, commissioned by Musk.

Rhesus monkeys (Image: Fapesp)

The university, as well as the company, affirms that there is no torture and afirms that the disclosure of the photos would harm the progress of the studies. The institution also reports that work conducted at a rhesus monkey farm built by Nuralink has been approved by the institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

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Although it denied the mistreatment, the company acknowledged that some of the rhesus monkeys used by Neuralink to test its brain technology were put down earlier this year due to failure or illness. The case remains in US courts.

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