Elon Musk’s ultimatum prompts new beginnings

Umpteenth twist at Twitter after the ultimatum issued by Elon Musk to his employees. The American billionaire, sent Wednesday, November 16, an e-mail to all its staff by asking him either, absolute allegiancethat is to leave the company. And the number to choose the second option multiplies according to American media.

A very eventful month since the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk

Since the takeover of Twitter, for $44 billionby the American billionaire last month, shock announcements continue to multiply. In addition to firing several platform executives, he also parted ways with half of his staff. In this context, many advertisers are becoming increasingly hesitant and some of them have already left Twitter.

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Would it become a habit for Elon Musk to express himself by e-mail? A few weeks ago, the new boss of Twitter addressed, for the first time, to all its employees via email. The American billionaire shared his vision for the future of the company, in the short term, announcing particularly difficult times. He also demanded an end to teleworking – before softening the situation.

Elon Musk to repeat the experience since Wednesday, November 16, all employees of the company were able to discover the e-mail that provoked outrage and the departure of many employees.

A wind of revolt is blowing at Twitter

The new boss of Twitter has asked his staff to fill out a form, to indicate if they wish ” commit to working long hours at high intensity », « to build a revolutionary Twitter 2.0 and succeed in an increasingly competitive world “. ” Only an exceptional performance will be worth a sufficient mark “, he said in this internal letter. The employees had until Thursday afternoon to click on the “yes” boxunder penalty of having to leave Twitter with compensation corresponding to three months’ salary.

According to several American media, hundreds of employees have chosen to leave. ” I may be exceptional, but (…) I am not unconditional “, for example tweeted Andrea Horst, whose LinkedIn profile still displays “ supply chain manager (survivor) at Twitter “. She added the hashtag “ #lovewhereyouworked “, that’s to say ” love where you worked “, like many other employees announcing their choice.

Elon Musk is having fun with the situation

Thursday evening, many users of the social network, as well as ex-collaborators, journalists and analysts wondered if the end of Twitter was approaching. Elon Musk then retorted by tweeting: “ And… we just hit a new peak in Twitter usage, lol “. In fact, the growth in the number of users is breaking “historical records” at Twitter.

He also made a meme, showing a man with a bluebird face, posing in front of such a bluebird-masked grave, as if Twitter was hilariously attending his own funeral.

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