Encoding problems encountered to obtain the oil check: “I don’t live in a sushi restaurant!”

Accessible since this Thursday morning, the platform for encoding the fuel oil check of the FPS economy is already experiencing real success. The site allows citizens who have filled their oil tank after November 15, 2021 to request a check for €225. A gesture decided by the federal government to limit the impact of rising prices. It must be said that the surge in prices, very impactful in terms of road fuels, is also so for heating. The maximum prices – for an order of less than 2,000 liters – are around €1.3335 per liter, compared to €0.3412 per liter in April 2020, according to the price comparator Carbu.com. With a move to €1.5 per liter less than a month ago. That is a price increase of €2,000 for a person filling up today against an invoice paid in April 2020.

The platform, stormed this Thursday, still offers some bugs. “I don’t live in a sushi restaurant, laughs Denis, a resident of Mont-Saint-Guibert (Walloon Brabant). When I connected to the platform via Itsme, my address indicated was not the correct one. The number is fine, the town too. But not the street. This sent me to a sushi restaurant on the Nationale 4 in Corbais while I live in Hévillers. And it is impossible to change my address on the platform. I do not I don’t know where they got that address because when I filed my tax return, they had the correct address.”

What to do then? “I could indicate the error in the remarks box. But who tells me that they will validate my file?”

Many other citizens would have faced the problem. Contacted, the FPS Economy confirms that there have been some bugs but that the error should soon be corrected. “There was indeed a small problem linked to differences in the encoding of addresses at the level of the municipalities, admits Etienne Mignolet, spokesperson for the FPS Economy. The problem should now be solved, or in the process of being so. “

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